Easy DIY Feelie Box

One of the ways to help integrate the senses into a preschool curriculum is to provide students with a "feelie" box or bag. These are opaque containers that the child can reach into and try to identify objects by touch alone.

You can do this with a plain drawstring bag, but some teachers don't want the outline of the object to show on the outside and prefer a rigid container. To make mine, I used a large coffee can. You could also use a shoebox, but I wanted something more durable.

I covered the outside of the can with colorful paper and protected it with contact paper. Then I lined the inside with pieces of self-adhesive felt to reduce the noise factor. Next, I cut a hole about 4" in diameter in the plastic lid. I covered the inside of the lid with more felt and cut out the circle in the middle. Finally, I cut off the ankle part of a small black sock. Pulling it up through the lid, I glued the sock's top edge around the outside of the hole.

Put something inside, pop on the lid, and have your students reach through the hole and try to guess what's inside. This can be a center or a circle activity. I suggest starting it as a circle game so you can teach the kids not to pull off that lid. Have fun!

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