Pretty Ribbon Mobiles (Wind Socks)

This project was inspired by an article from the now-defunct Martha Stewart Kids magazine. It's a refreshing take on the old "wind sock" art project. The original idea was to hang one of these up in a nursery, as a mobile for a baby. I think they're just plain pretty in any room. You can do one for your classroom, or have your students do it as a project.

Materials Needed

• Embroidery hoop (I used a 7" one)
• Ribbon in various colors and patterns, cut into 1-yard lengths; or cloth strips
• Yarn cut into 1-yard lengths
• Double-stick tape

How to Do It

1. Line the inside edge of the embroidery hoop with double-stick tape. (An embroidery hoop actually has two parts, so just separate them and use one.)
2. Drape the ribbon and yarn pieces over the hoop, pressing each one so it sticks to the tape.
3. Add more tape on top of the ribbons if you want more than one layer.
4. Take two lengths of ribbon, about two feet long each, and tie them to the hoop in four places. Try to make them equidistant from one another. These will be the hangers.


• You're not limited to these materials. You could use slices of cardboard tubes instead of the hoops. Yarn or streamers could replace the ribbons. You could also glue the ribbons on rather than tape them - but I prefer taping because it makes the ribbon reusable.
• Use color schemes if you're making these to decorate for a special occasion.
• These would be wonderful to hang outside or in a hallway.

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